How to: Paneer (Indian Ricotta Cheese)

30 Aug

Exfoliating Green Tea Mask

26 Jul


1) Turmeric is a yellow stain. That means you have to be EXTREMELY careful where you get it. It will stain clothes, countertops, floors, etc.

2) If you choose to apply the mask with your fingers, you may opt for latex gloves. This will save your skin from having a yellow tint (which comes off after a few thorough hand washings).

3) Use a face towel you don’t mind getting a little yellow (or use a dark brown or black towel) because invariably there will be some turmeric residue on your face after you wash it that will get on your towel.

4) Don’t plan to attend a wedding (especially if it’s your own) or go to a high school reunion after applying this mask. You WILL have a yellow tint from the turmeric and people may be concerned you have jaundice (this can vary depending on your skin tone and how long you leave the mask on).

5) Plan for your weekly bathroom cleanings after you remove your mask. Your sink is going to get dirty.

You’re probably thinking, GEEZ Louise! Why would I ever want to apply this crap on my face?! Well, it’s simply that awesome. No one ever said beauty is easy, right?

As of Late…

9 Aug

Life has gotten in the way of blogging lately, but I miss this little hobby so I’m going to make a concerted effort to spend more time on it. Here’s a peak into what I’ve been up to lately. xoxo


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