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Kale Orange Juice

10 Jul


I’ve talked about wanting to venture into new superfood territory with my smoothies and drinks. Well after all this time, I worked up the courage to incorporate kale. I don’t find kale particularly palatable, so I had to mask it’s grassy flavor (it really tastes like the piece of sod I face-planted into countless times as a kid playing football with my brother and his friends. And yet, I never seemed to learn and played again). Pairing it with citrus hid the kale’s strong flavor which I appreciate. I get the nutrients from the kale yet still get to enjoy it like I’m drinking plain old OJ. Just remember to put on a blindfold when drinking this…the green color can be a little unappetizing ;)

One little tip: I like to keep my fruit chilled so I don’t have to add ice (which ultimately waters down the drink and makes it taste blah).


2 heaping handfuls of baby kale

2 ripe navel oranges

1 apple


Wash kale, set aside. Peel oranges, and slice apple, removing core. One at a time, place ingredients into a juicer. Stir juice thoroughly prior to serving.


Makes approximately 12 oz.